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Arachne 1.97 released

Arachne 1.97 released 2013-Mar-06

Arachne DOS browser has been “officially dead” since 2008-Dec. Nevertheless during the over 4 years since then, there were cca 3 top-secret updates, and in 2013 March, glennmcc decided to release version 1.97 including them all. The released 1.97 files again got “silently” updated at least one time, and now also RayeR ’s patch to allow up to 1600×1200 screen resolutions is included. The standard 80387 version as well as the 8086 version and source code are available. There is and the was no 1.96 version.

UPDATE : YTCRACK has been updated too

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Page last modified on April 29, 2013, at 08:56 AM