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Arachne news, YTCRACK

Arachne CORE.EXE 2012-Oct-07

Arachne DOS browser has been “officially dead” since 2008-Dec. Nevertheless during the over 4 years since then, there were cca 3 top-secret updates. To get latest version, re-download the 1.95 package and then download the separate new core and place it into the installation.

(update: this is now obsolete, forget it, and get Arachne 1.97 instead, see Arachne1972013Mar)

YTCRACK 0.21 2013-Jan-04

Fred released version 0.21 of his YTCRACK tool to download videos from YouTube in DOS. You can feed the YouTube address manually in (as HTML file) and obtain another HTML file listing the movies found (same movie in multiple resolutions and formats), then you can download the movie with Arachne (needs the latest “”, YTCRACK is the reason for the update). Alternatively, there is an YTCRACK APM, using it visit the YouTube page, press [F2], click the addon button, and you should get the list of downloadable movies, when saving, you will have to delete the several 100 char’s long garbage, and specify a valid filename instead.

Use it ASAP as YouTube may change behavior soon, and YTCRACK will stop working.

Contributors: Fred, Glennmcc, Ron

Glennmcc writes in his forum “/aqccc_home/nospam.php” 

I think I figured-out what might be going wrong for you with ytcrack.apm

Edit mime.cfg and change the ytcrack.dgi line as follows.

file/ytcrack.dgi >HTM|@ytcrack\\ytcrack.exe $L $2 \n copy $2+ytcrack\\ytcrack.res $2

Now you'll have just......

file/ytcrack.dgi >HTM|@ytcrack\\ytcrack.exe $L $2

And ytcrack.res won't get appended to the file that's output by ytcrack.exe
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