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MPXPLAY 1.60 beta 5 released 2014-Oct-26.

What’s new in MPXPLAY 1.60 beta 5 after beta 3:

  • ! Fixed problems with recognizing and playing some (pre-1.0?) OPUS files
  • + Added support for OPUS files with unreasonably many channels
  • + Added support for OPUS audio inside Matroska/WeBM (the “new” 2013 WeBM)

Regressions compared to 1.58 from 2011–05–22 and 1.59b1 from 2011–12–26 (more testers welcome):

  • BUG: Some (not all) OGG Vorbis files don’t play anymore, MPXPLAY completely rejects them and doesn’t provide any useful info (reason: OGG “stream ID” = ZERO)
  • ? For some (short?) MP5 files the length is reported incorrectly (too short) (but they play OK)

Please test (HDA sound chips, FTP and HTTP, OGG Vorbis, OPUS, …).

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