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Working towards FreeDOS 1.2

Help the FreeDOS project releasing version 1.2! Go to

QuickView 2.60 with MP4 support

Wolfgang Hesseler released QuickView 2.60! He has added MP4 seven years after the last version.

Download it and buy it from

UPDATE: version 2.61 is out 2016-Jun-29, changes are very minor (crashes in some situations on some CPU’s)


2014-Nov-03 Tomasz Grysztar released version 1.71.25 of FASM.

What’s new:

  • Fixed bug in DOS IDE (saving absurdly long lines)
  • Added “bsf” and “bsr” operators
  • Bugfixes, mostly related to parsing and MZ and PE generation
  • Re-added “-d” switch (scroll down) - Main.DevelAsm

UPDATE : 1.71.33 is out 2015-Jan-09 UPDATE : 1.71.39 is out 2015-Mar


MPXPLAY 1.60 beta 5 released 2014-Oct-26.

What’s new in MPXPLAY 1.60 beta 5 after beta 3:

  • ! Fixed problems with recognizing and playing some (pre-1.0?) OPUS files
  • + Added support for OPUS files with unreasonably many channels
  • + Added support for OPUS audio inside Matroska/WeBM (the “new” 2013 WeBM)

Regressions compared to 1.58 from 2011–05–22 and 1.59b1 from 2011–12–26 (more testers welcome):

  • BUG: Some (not all) OGG Vorbis files don’t play anymore, MPXPLAY completely rejects them and doesn’t provide any useful info (reason: OGG “stream ID” = ZERO)
  • ? For some (short?) MP5 files the length is reported incorrectly (too short) (but they play OK)

Please test (HDA sound chips, FTP and HTTP, OGG Vorbis, OPUS, …).


2014-Sep-14 the development team released FreeBASIC version 1.0 - just 10 years after project start.

Actually it seems to work, despite the “trouble” discussed in the forum.

What’s new:

  • reduced bloat of DOS binaries
  • bugfixes

UPDATE : FreeBASIC 1.01.0 is out 2014-Dec-28

UPDATE : FreeBASIC 1.02.0 is out 2015-Apr-06

UPDATE : FreeBASIC 1.02.1 is out 2015-Apr-26

UPDATE : FreeBASIC 1.05 is out

CarbonOS released - a distribution of FreeDOS 1.1.

CarbonOS is based on FreeDOS subjected to easy use. The main features are (copied & pasted from the official webpage):

  • Based on FreeDOS 1.1, giving Carbon 100% compatibility with DOS
  • 4DOS 8.00 command line
  • FAT12/16/32 file system support
  • Silent boot
  • Support for CD/DVD drives without configuration
  • Support for Win95 long file names

Download it from

MPXPLAY 1.60 beta - 2013-Nov-24

PDSoft AKA Attila Padar released MPXPLAY 1.60 beta .

What’s new:

  • improved support for some HDA sound chips in DOS

Forum discussion:

Please test (HDA sound chips, FTP and HTTP, OPUS, …).

UPDATE - EDITED : 1.60 final is out, see separate newer announcement

FASM 1.71.16

FASM 1.71.16 released 2013-Oct-30.

What’s new:

  • added postpone directive
  • fixed some bugs

UPDATE - EDITED : version 1.71.21 is out 2014-May-27

New server

Our Dr-DOS Wiki is on a new server. If you realize problems, please post them here or write me.

FFMPEG 2.0.1 binary by RayeR 2013-Aug-14

BTTR forum thread (scroll far down) :…id=12801

SF download area : (all-in-one RAR and binary-only ZIP packages available)

(don’t download the broken version 2.0 from 2013-Jul-20 unless you are willing to debug the broken DJDEV used in it)

Enabled codecs and formats:

  • OGG Theora + Vorbis
  • Matroska / WebM VP8 + Vorbis
  • MPEG4 H264 AKA AVC
  • … (many more)

Not enabled:

  • OPUS audio codec
  • Dirac / Schroedinger video codec
  • TAK audio codec

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