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Development Libraries

1.  Desktop environments


  • oZone
  • desktop environment for DOS, Linux & Windows (GNU C)
  • currently no maintainer :-(
  • skins & code wanted ;-)
  • license: free of charge, Open Source, GPL V2

2.  Gaming and 3D libraries


  • DUGL
  • The new DOS game and GUI programming library
  • very fast (core written in assembler, GUI addon in C++)
  • “C” language, also usable from FreeBASIC (partially)
  • Sound: currently only ISA SB16 / SBPRO sound cards supported (original, 100% compatible or emulation)
  • under active development
  • contributors welcome
  • license: free for personal use, partially open source


  • Since official DOS support has been dropped, look at
  • multi-platform game library
  • sound supported in DOS - ISA cards only: Adlib, SB, SB Pro, SB16, AWE32, MPU-401, ESS AudioDrive, Ensoniq, Soundscape (unfortunately no AC97, ICH or HDA support)
  • graphic modes support: VGA 13h mode, mode-X (23 VGA resolution plus unchained 640×400 extended mode), SVGA modes in 8, 15, 16, 24 and 32 bits per pixel, linear VBE 2.0 framebuffer access
  • limited graphic hardware acceleration in DOS for older graphic cards supported by the VBE/AF API (by the FreeBE driver project)
  • some OpenGL support with AllegroGL and MesaLib-4.0, any demos?
  • DOS version is no further developed
  • license: free of charge, Open Source

Mesa 3D

  • MESA 3D
  • open-source implementation of the OpenGL specification (a system for rendering interactive 3D graphics).
  • license: free of charge, Open Source
  • hardware accelerated output for 3dfx boards only, besides this only software rendering in DOS
  • compile instructions
  • made for djdev 2.04 + gcc 3.4.3 + make 3.80, doesn’t compile with gcc 4.23
  • latest version ported to DOS is Mesa 6.3, latest Mesa version is 7.0

3.  Widget toolkits

3.1  Graphical

Nano-X/NXlib and FLTK for DOS

wxWidgets / MGL

  • full featured graphical user interface for DJGPP
  • up to 1280 * 1204 resolution at 32 bit!
  • impressive demos
  • needs SciTech MGL for DOS builds. MGL is available under lots of licenses including GPL and LGPL
  • MGL is now outdated and for sale
  • the DOS port is dead and not up to date
  • GUI library only, no sound support in DOS
  • wxWidgets homepage / wxWidgets licence
  • the preferred version of gcc/gpp is 3.2.3, doesn’t compile with gcc 4.23
  • compile instructions

3.2  Text mode


  • Original version:
  • Looks nice/clean/classic, text mode
  • The old 32-bit GCC port can be still downloaded from:…
  • Made for GCC 3.xx, now outdated and doesn’t compile with recent GCC 4.xx versions
  • David Lindauer created an alternative 32-bit port used in eir INFOPAD editor included with CC386 compiler
  • D-Flat+ is an updated 16-bit RM version:…
  • Used in FreeDOS EDIT
  • Aitor Santamaría is the new maintainer
  • has been ported to OpenWatcom 1.6 and Turbo C++, also compiles with OpenWatcom 1.7a
  • C only, doesn’t compile with C++
  • C++ wrapper/patch welcome

Turbo Vision

  • full featured windowed text mode user interface
  • looks nice/clean/classic
  • actively maintained as in 2008
  • very portable, lots of platforms and compilers supported, from install.txt: Borland C++ (5.5, 5.6), CygWin, DJGPP (2.02, 2.03), Linux, Microsoft Visual C (5.0, 6.0, 7.0), MinGW, UNIX (POSIX) systems, cvs version compiles even on MSVC++ 8.0
  • license: free of charge, Open Source
  • Turbo Vision’s project page


From project page: it is a public domain curses library for DOS, OS/2, Win32, X11 and SDL, implementing most of the functions available in X/Open and System V R4 curses. It supports many compilers for these platforms. The X11 port lets you recompile existing text-mode curses programs to produce native X11 applications.

Download it from

4.  Misc GUI

  • Sword - basic graphical user interface for DJGPP with no overhead, link dead
  • DEPUI - user interface in C
  • XOSL - boot loader with small but powerful GUI (DJGPP)
  • DEGFX - DJGPP, Linux, Windows

5.  PASCAL - specific

6.  Multimedia libraries

6.1  Xiph libraries

LibOPUS (audio codec), Libvorbis (audio codec), Libtheora (video codec, 1.1.1 is out), Libogg (common “base” for all OPUS, Vorbis and Theora codecs), unpatented, liberal BSD-like license.

6.2  AMP11-Lite

It is a decoder for MP3 audio files, which converts them to WAV files. You are able to compile source code with DJGPP. It seems to be a good MP3-decoder library too.

Needs 80386 or 80486 (??) CPU and FPU. Written in C++ and ASM (optional only (??), WatcomASM, mostly FPU instructions).


The source of multimedia (video and audio) codecs. Used for many opensource (VLC, MPLAYER, MPXPLAY (DOS, only few audio codecs used)), but also some closed source (possible license issues) players. By now the library decompression support is almost complete, meaning that it supports almost all codecs around, and a video player including the complete library can play almost every movie, and besides this, it has encoding / compression support for many formats and codecs too.

6.4  APEG

Allegro addon library for MPEG-1 (including MP3 sound) and OGG Theora + Vorbis support. Example player and encoder see Mediaplayers and Video .

7.  Network libraries (Internet)

7.1  SwsSock

SwsSock is a cross platform networking library and application suite compatible with the Single Unix Specification v3 and Winsock2 sockets providing a fully featured TCP/IP protocol stack and drivers for common Ethernet and serial adapters.

By Lawrence Rust AKA Software Systems , open source and free (except commercial use). Supports 16-bit and 32-bit DOS, latest version is 2.0.13 from 2011-Apr-22 .

7.2  Watt-32

(old page:

Watt-32 is a library for making networked TCP/IP programs in the language C and C++ under DOS and Windows-NT. Both 16-bit real-mode and 32-bit protected-mode is supported.

Watt-32 is an enhanced version of Geof Cooper’s TinyTCP and Erick Engelke’s WatTCP.

7.3  mTCP

Library with many useful programs based on it, see also Browsers.

7.4  eRTOS

See eRTOS?

8.  Other libraries

SciTech SNAP


9.  See also

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