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  • I don’t have all pages. Please acquire the 2008 backup and send.
    • I forgot. I will… :-) flox
  • The crap page “GroupAttributes” is back. Maybe deletion of that one deleted my edit privilege? Please delete it __AFTER__ I restore the content, or this Wiki will remain broken for another 1′000′000′000 years.
    • yes - please don’t delete it! flox
  • The “Tag” stuff behaves strangely - what about removing/disabling it ? dos386
  • File upload limit is 50 dKB (50′000 Byte’s) now. Could it be increased a bit? To 256 KiB? I won’t upload too many bloats. Most shots are < 50 dKB, a few are bigger (incl. Ozone)
  • Hi … today I re-added a few pages … but my backups are partially only from 2008 too … and some pages are lost :-( Did you get the complete 2008 backup? There are 2 {{deletion}} candidates. dos386 September 23, 2013, at 09:40
    • I got nothing flox October 16, 2013, at 04:20 PM
  • Damn … today I re-added one lost page (sound) … and checked how many pages are still missing … lack of time … maybe I have some more lost pages somewhere dos386 2016-May-11 10:09
  • 2 lost pages recovered today dos386 2016-May-27 11:06
  • Recovered page “PacketDriver” and partially fixed the “Gallery” dos386 2016-Jul-08

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