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Gallery of DOS web browsers

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  1. 1. DOS web browsers
  2. 2. ARACHNE
  3. 3. DOSLYNX
  4. 4. LINKS
  5. 5. WGET
  6. 6. Drivers
  7. 7. See also

1.  DOS web browsers

Impossible ? See Browsers ;-)

Remember: These are DOS programs and the shots were made on DOS also, using the built-in screenshot feature (Arachne) or SNARF (DOSLYNX).


Developed by Michael Polak , Glenn and other contributors. Shots were made from “WIP” version 1.93 .

Project page and download:

“ARA1GUG.PNG” : 840x640 , 17′279 Bytes?

The “required” title page with Google ;-)

“ARA2ALT.PNG” : 840x640 , 51′251 Bytes?

Arachne supports 5 screen layouts (differing by the positioning and amount/size of the control elements), this is a different one than in previous shot. Displaying French Wikipedia, note that most of the “special” characters are displayed well, OTOH apostrophes aren’t here (note: Arachne updated, French improved). Also the support of PNG is partial only in Arachne, here the image did decode and merge well, this is not always the case.

“ARA3FUL.PNG” : 840x640 , 12′694 Bytes?

Fulscreen layout. Posting in forums is possible here, also log in, but depends of forum software, some are not compatible/usable yet.

“ARA4LOO.PNG” : 840x1130 , 38′427 Bytes?

The famous video hosting service YouTube (also called LooTube) won’t work with Arachne because of JavaScript and “Flash” player. The movies still can be downloaded and watched using some hacks, see Browsers . Yeah … one more “frauded” and incomplete shot … I had made 2 shots and merged them … regrettably here the HTML page height is cca 3′000 pixels so one can’t reasonably view it all at same time on one screen. Use CTL-P to shoot easily !


Text mode browser, old roots, many contributors, now maintained by Fred C. Macall .

Project page and download:

Note: Most shots done with meanwhile obsolete version 0.36b

“DOSL1COP.PNG” : 680x440 , 4′946 Bytes?

© info (shot done with 0.36b)

Attach:dl41cop.png Δ

“DL41COP.PNG” : 680x440 , 4′??? Bytes?

© info (shot done with 0.41b)

“DOSL2DUG.PNG” : 680x440 , 5′513 Bytes?

Project page of DUGL library

Editing a post in “phpBB2″ FASM forum (works, mostly)


5.  WGET

OK … not “exactly” a browser …

6.  Drivers

blah …

7.  See also

  • Arachne - Arachne and the possible Tube hacks
  • Browsers - more info about other browsers
  • GallBrowsers - you are here
  • Gallery - main gallery index, misc shots
  • Video - video file formats, also Tube related

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