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HX-DOS Extender - wish lists

1.  About

See HX-DOS for product description.

2.  Software wish lists

2.1  Wishlist realistic

  • MediaInfo (console)
    • Reports info about media (images, audio, video) and some other files
    • GNU GPL 3, done in C++
    • Didn’t work with HX: loads, displays ©, but if anything non-empty supplied in the commandline, it crashes, it can’t even display the help nor complain about “MEDIAINFO.DLL not found”, reason: CommandLineToArgvW in SHELL32.DLL was dummy only, fixed in HX 2.17pre from 2010
    • Tester: Japheth, DOS386
  • Ghostscript for Win32 (all versions)
    • PDF viewer, converter, creator
    • Can convert PDF in others kinds of file, but not display directly image
    • Seem 3 missing imports in USER32.DLL
    • A modified version for HX exists, but it’s older and uses a modified Binary and DLL (not usable for new versions)
    • Project page:
    • Alternatively, use XPDF or MUPDF
    • Tester: Iw2evk Roberto
  • LAME
    • Open source MP3 encoder
    • Win32 version 3.99.5 doesn’t work with HX due to missing “unicows.dll”, use “-g” to see the message
    • No big problem since there is a working DGJPP port of 3.99.5
    • Tester: DOS386
  • OWB - Origyn Web Browser (“gyn” is not a typo …)
    • GRAFICAL WEB BROWSER based on SDL libraries
    • Project page: (no binaries, just source code ???)
    • Win32 experimental binary: (dead)
    • Needs MSVCR80.DLL, MSVCP80.DLL, WLDAP32.DLL, SHLWAPI.DLL (see below)
    • IT WORKS !!!! (with some flaws)
    • Some JS support (but see below), good PNG support
    • Faults:
      • No documentation (Hint: [F1] to [F4] keys do have some effect)
      • No way to type in an address (type it into Google)
      • Text cursor not visible
      • Mouse arrow off (hit top left corner to “fix”)
      • Page not reloaded after submitting text (but the text is sent, just check it)
      • No download, no upload
      • Depends from MSVC??? files
    • Needs HX 2.17 from 2010–02 or later
    • Tester: Iw2evk Roberto, Japheth, DOS386
  • PDFTK (console)
    • PDF document manipulator
    • Does not run (nothing displayed)
  • PLINK (console)
    • A command-line interface of PuTTY
    • Supports SSH/SSH-2, open-source
    • Displays an error message if launched
  • R128GAIN
    • More advanced ReplayGain tool for audio files
    • GNU GPL 3, version 1.0.11 by Peter Belkner
    • Win32 binary compiled/packaged in an unfortunate way, integrated with FFMPEG and SOX, bloated download
    • Does NOT work with HX due to missing imports in “libsox-2.dll”, reports “Failed opening “c:\r128gain-tools\libsox-2.dll”: 11. Error loading SoX.”
    • Apparently there is no “simple native WAV-only” mode with existing binary package
    • Maybe it would be more productive to compile a better binary implementing the “R128″ algorithm
  • Some more freeware games

2.2  Wishlist maybe realistic

    • Very good text editor, no 64 KiB limit, supports many prog. languages
    • Portable, open source, but no DOS version
    • Very good audio editor
    • Uses VxWidgets
    • Portable, open source, but no DOS version
  • Total Commander (payware) + Free Commander (freeware) (both GUI)
    • The possibly best file managers (ignoring the facts that TCMD is commercial, FCMD has more bugs left and both have no DOS version)
  • Aircrack Ng
    • Program for monitoring wifi network
    • Some apps work, others like Airodmp-ng have missing import.
    • Require external DLL’s
    • Tester: Iw2evk Roberto ???

2.3  Wishlist utopical (?)

  • Mozilla Firefox (GUI)
    • WEB Browser, Open source
  • Gaia
    • Project page:
    • Tries to rebuild Google-Earth as free and open source software
    • Originates from Linux, Windows version delayed
    • Problem: Original Google-Earth comes with very high system requirements (CPU, main RAM, graph processor, graph RAM, acceleration, …), this clone probably will more or less share them, also networking required
  • Open Office (GUI)
    • Office product, huge
  • Adobe Photoshop and all clones/competitors of it (GUI)
    • Professional graphical programs
    • Commercial, closed source, excessive protection from cracking
  • NSIS installer (GUI)
    • Free equivalent of InstallShield
    • Probably difficult due to Registry settings, reliance on Windows-specific parameters (such as Win32 path, and so on…)
  • Win32 GUI Self-extractors and installers
    • WinRAR, WinZIP, 7-ZIP GUI SFX, WinImage, NSIS
    • Allow to uncompress files without the need to have the appropriate unpacker, or “brute-force” through all if not known which one was used
    • Probably difficult to support due to high level GUI API
    • Does not work with HX 2.9 / 2.10 / probably 2.16, missing GUI API features
  • PCI32
    • Win32 (NT only) version of “PCI” tool listing PCI devices
    • Problem: uses a Ring0 “driver” to access the I/O ports
    • DOS version exists but no longer updated
  • Some latest games (GUI)
    • With excessive system requirements (like >=1 GiB RAM, DVD, newest graf card with >=256 MiB RAM and latest acceleration technology, …)

2.4  Import wishlist

This list contains missing so-called “imports” in HX-DOS for running some programs. By default, if any import is missing, DPMILD32 refuses to execute the program, cries instead and lists all affected imports. Setting a variable ( ”DPMILDR=128″ , note the name is DPMILDR , not DPMILD32 ) can suppress this and in some cases allow to run the program nevertheless (success rate is low, there are exceptions, or program starts but a silent exit occurs as soon as you try to do anything useful in it  :-(  ). Imports found as “missing” can be added here (even if workaroundable with DPMILDR), and can be removed when implemented into HX.

  • FillConsoleOutputCharacterW , ScrollConsoleScreenBufferW , WriteConsoleOutputW (required by some “nice but useless” demos, dummy is good enough, done ?)
  • MetaFile / Path junk: DeleteEnhMetaFile, CreateEnhMetaFileA, StrokePath, FillPath, EndPath, BeginPath, GetEnhMetaFileHeader, SetWinMetaFileBits, GetEnhMetaFileA, CloseEnhMetaFile, PlayEnhMetaFile : all in DGDI32.DLL, required by NCONVERT, see above, some still lacking in HX 2.16, seem useless (dummy “support” enough).
  • GetCharABCWidthsFloatA also for NCONVERT, lacks in HX 2.16
  • GetFileSizeEx (required by MCOMP, more console packers probably will follow soon): implemented and functional since HX 2.11, but 31 bits / 2GB only. Remaining low priority wish: full FAT+ support, translation of 38 API bits to FAT+ INT $21/$7142 - “Enhanced DR-DOS 7.01.08+ - “Long LSEEK” - SET CURRENT 64-bit FILE POSITION” ;-)
  • CreateUpDownControl in COMCTL32.DLL (dummy should be enough): needed by MPLAYER 1.0rc1, lacked in HX 2.10, done ?
  • TrackPopupMenu in USER32.DLL (ignoring results in crash, dummy implementation should be enough, done (?) )
  • SafeArray junk: SafeArrayPutElement, SafeArrayGetElement, SafeArrayRedim: in OLEAUT32.DLL, dummy should be enough (done in HX 2.16 ???)
  • GlobalMemoryStatusEx in KERNEL32.DLL (seems trivial to do, OTOH no longer used in GrafX2, still lacks in HX 2.16)
  • MapDialogRect in USER32.DLL, required for BOCHS 2.4 and newer
  • GetNumberFormatW , GetNumberFormatExW , GetCurrencyFormatW , GetCurrencyFormatExW (/en-us/library/dd318083(VS.85).aspx) in DKRNL32.DLL (very minimal support probably sufficient)
  • CommandLineToArgvW (/en-us/library/bb776391(VS.85).aspx) in SHELL32.DLL is dummy only, some apps need it working, done!
  • CreateItemMoniker and GetRunningObjectTable in OLE32.DLL, required by MPLAYER (useless, ignoring helps, dummy enough, done in 2.17 ?)
  • SetBrushOrgEx , GetBrushOrgEx , CreatePenIndirect needed by TruePNG (useless, ignoring helps)

3.  Latest version: 2.16 / 2.17pre

Release date: 2009–11–16 / update 2010/2014/???

Project page and download: (dead)

4.  See also

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