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EDR-DOS and DOS related links

1.  About

If you know a cool program or DOS related link, please add it here ;-)

If you find a broken link, while same or similar content is available at a new address, please update the link, if link seems “dead” and no new address available, mark it as “dead” but don’t erase it - hoping for a temporary failure only, or someone else finds out the new address ;-)

There could be some links in multiple categories - this is intentional, if some developer offers several different products.

2.  Dr-DOS Links

3.  Some other DOS’es

  • FreeDOS - See Wiki page (complete DOS project)
  • Datalight DOS? - See Wiki page (complete DOS product)
  • GNUDOS? - See Wiki page (DOS distribution, FreeDOS)
  • MultiDOS? - See Wiki page (DOS distribution, Enhanced Dr-DOS)
  • uDOS - another FreeDOS distribution
  • FreeDOS-32 - A 32-bit version, alpha by now
  • DexOS - A 32-bit DOS-like OS, written in FASM, almost usable
  • BOS - Another 32-bit DOS-like OS, written in FASM, pre-alpha, toy
  • - M$ DOS 7.10 distro, probably not legal, use with care

4.  [Multi]-Boot loader, partition manager, erasing, backup

See also PartErase for some more detail info.


6.  Compilers, programming, DOS extenders

See Development for detail info.

7.  Development and user documentation

8.  File managers

See FileManagers for details.

9.  Media, audio, video

See Mediaplayers for mode info.

10.  Graphics, PDF

See GraphPaintCAD for mode info.

11.  Hardware for DOS

See Hardware for more info.

  • avantek Pentium 4 mainboard with ISA slots
  • berger-bros Parallel port card reader/writer
  • datafabusa Parallel port card reader/writer (no longer ?)
  • cmedia A sound card having native (?) DOS drivers

12.  USB drivers

See USB for more info.

  • Page of Bret Johnson with USBDOS driver, and some old stuff
  • , - DOSUSB (was “DOSUHCI” in the past) driver for DOS (new, closed, was free for personal use)
  • - Drivers for CD-ROM, USB mouse (anyone tested ?), also warez content/links, use with care
  • - USB driver package “” (DUSE, USBASPI, …, no CATC)
  • CATC USB4DOS - A commercial USB driver for DOS - no longer available ?
  • Stefan2000 - Some DOS USB links (partially obsolete and broken)
  • “X-Ways” - The “Moto Hairu” USB driver (ignore all the “replica” stuff)
  • “hddguru” - The “Moto Hairu” USB other download (ignore obsolete “MS-DOS” stuff)
  • - APSoft’s Point Enablers for DOS: USB and Firewire drivers for mass-storage devices

13.  Sound drivers

See SoundCardChip for more info.

14.  Mouse drivers

See KeyboardAndMouse for more info.

15.  Misc hardware drivers

See Hardware for more info.

16.  Internet / Networking

See Browsers for detail info.

17.  Compression

See Compress for detail info.

18.  Filesystem extensions / access non-DOS filesystems

Info mostly provided by Voskov Alexey.

  • DOSLFN - long file name driver (dead link)
  • - Provided NTFS4DOS in the past, but no longer
  • - Now Avira possesses the © on NTFS4DOS, download from here
  • open source project Ext2FSD (with XP ??)
  • NTFSDOS 4.03 by Mark Russinovich - effective CAPTIVE driver for DOS. “Understands” LFN and codepages other than 437 (e.g. 866). But requires some files from WinXP. Free demo version is “read only”
  • NTFS4DOS 1.9 - nice freeware driver, full access do hdd, NATIVE, but no LFN support
  • NTFS Reader 1.0 - supports LFN and codepages other than 437, but it is not driver, but stand-alone file manager. And it is slow and buggy.
  • LTOOLS 6.12 - console utilities for reading/writing Ext2/3 from “bare” DOS. It is working, but it is not a driver!
  • Paragon IFSDRV - the optimal variant. NATIVE, Ext2/NTFS (the only Ext2 driver for DOS), compact, rather reliable (with HDPMI32). Not free / not legal ?

19.  Various personal / misc / DOS and also-DOS pages

20.  Games

21.  Viral

  • FDAV is an anti-virus scanner designed especially for FreeDOS and utilizes the virus-scanning engine of ClamAV.
  • - Free (?) antivirus, NTFS4DOS, USB drivers (?)
  • - Free (?) antivirus, NTFS4DOS, USB drivers (?)
  • - No longer
  •…dos.html - F-PROT for DOS (no longer under development, was still available for some time, now says “F-PROT Antivirus for DOS is no longer available”)
  • - Viral database for F-PROT mirror (Direct download, almost 10 MiB, dead)

22.  4DOS

23.  General DOS Links

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